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The Indian economy has been growing rapidly since the early 1990s. Industry, particularly the corporate sector, has simultaneously seen tremendous progress - in terms of diversity of       companies, source and volume of investment, diversity of products and services, and so on. With rapid growth, the requirement of trained managers and business decision-makers is also   growing phenomenally. A large number of executives currently serving companies might have joined their careers before they could acquire management qualifications. Most of them may   not be in a position to quit their jobs to complete full-time management programmes. Their organizations may not afford to grant them long sabbaticals to pursue a full-time management   programme. At the same time, to move upward in the career ladder and to reach senior and top-level corporate positions, they may need formal management qualifications. The One-Year   Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives (PGPx) is designed to provide such executives with an opportunity to get a formal management qualification of a premier brand   in India with state-of-the-art knowledge acquisition.

 For many other executives there may be a prior formal qualification in management; but, it could have been acquired either at the commencement of their career or in the long past. In this   case, refreshing their management knowledge and/or upgrading their managerial skills and capabilities may be essential to realize their full potential to be future leaders and CEOs. The   rapid pace of global integration has further necessitated the acquisition of new management skills for aspiring executives and leaders.

 There is a growing need for having strong functional fundamentals, analytical ability and refined behavioural skills on the part of managers. The corporates strive   hard to create a strong backup of versatile executives with strong functional knowledge and a holistic management perspective. Managers need the right blend of   knowledge, leadership styles, skills, judgment and confidence along with necessary human and ethical values which can ultimately transform them into “Global   Visionary Leaders” as required for the future. The PGPx programme of IIM Rohtak is designed to make a crucial contribution to them their efforts to be futuristic in   their approach to their career and the organizations they serve.

The Programme at IIM Rohtak is uniquely structured to provide high-quality management education to practicing executives with minimal disruptions at their workplace. This programme is for professionals, who desire to enhance their managerial knowledge and skills through formal management education. The focus of the programme is on general management orientation and practical knowledge with an emphasis on inculcating exemplary leadership in challenging managerial situations. It is structured to ensure the high standards and rigour expected from the brand IIM.

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